The Marian Garden in Jednov is associated with Father Jan Lisowski, who is active in the parish of Suchdol u Prostějova, and who since 1. 7. 2003 has been based in Jednov. Immediately after his appointment to the parish, he began to envisage the creation of a place that would serve parishioners, pilgrims and of course tourists, who throughout the year drop in and visit this spot. Anybody coming to Jednov can pray in the church in front of devotional image of the Virgin Mary. After prayer and spiritual refreshment it is possible to go to the chapel of St. Markéta, where you will find a healing fountain with crystal clear water. Previously lacking was a place where people could pause for a while, savor the beautiful surroundings, think about their existence and replenish their energies for continuing on their journey through life. The ‘Marian Garden’ shall now become such a place for everyone. 
The ’Marian garden’ is built on parish land between the shop and parish. Building started 18. 10. 2003. The designer and creator of the garden is Father Jan Lisowski. The garden is a gift from pilgrims and parishioners to the Virgin Mary.
In the lower part of the garden we can see life-sized statues of the Virgin Mary and Pope John Paul II, a Pope who built his entire life around the Virgin Mary. This is born out by the words of his papal crest: ’Totus tuus ego sum’ – ’I am totally yours, Mary.’ Here in Jednov, Pope John Paul II is interpreted in the act of universal benediction and stretching out his hand to the Virgin Mary who is our Mother, Helper, Queen and who constantly reminds us: ‘Do all he instructs you’ (John 2,4). On the hill in the upper garden is the stainless steel cross to remind us all of the sacrifice at Calvary of our Lord Jesus Christ. Under the cross there is an altar on which the Holy Offering is celebrated once a month from spring to fall. The positions of the statue, the cross on the hill – everything is placed so that we look to God and to Jesus through our Holy Mother.
The statue of the Virgin Mary and statue of Pope John Paul II have been made by Josef Śiwonia from Poland.  This artist has created works in North America, Africa and even in Siberia.
The Marian Garden was created by donations from the parish community and also from the many pilgrims who regularly visit this place. Much gratitude is owed to those who gave donations to ensure the creation of a peaceful oasis upon this spot, a place to serve everyone, somewhere a man or woman might simply stop and rest at the feet of the Virgin Mary, where the pilgrim can out his or her rosary and pray to the Virgin Mary and together with the Virgin Mary, to God.
It is deeply moving to pause and realize that everything here is donated by people who love God, Jesus and his Holy Mother. Each bush, tree, stone or flower is a testimony to love.
This place for peace, meditation and rest, as well as the statue of the Virgin Mary and departed Pope John Paul II was consecrated in the presence of many people on Sunday 17 June 2005 by the vicar general of the Diocese of Olomouc, Mons. Milán Kouba. From that memorable day the garden is open for everyone. Most people stop here during the summer holidays and also in spring. Many who spend their vacation in our beautiful region take a trip to Jednov.
On 25 May 2008, Father Bishop Josef Hrdlička blessed the Corpus Christi that is fixed on the stainless steel. The author of the statue – Corpus Christi is the artist Mr. Vladimír Vráblík. The total price for executing the commission was set at CZK 300 000.
In fall 2006 work began in another part of the garden. The land is the gift of Mr. and Mrs. Jedliček from Jednov. In this area shall be built in future five rosary chapels connected to the ‘Luminous Mysteries’:

1 – who was baptized in Jordan,
2 – who appeared in Cana with Godly might,
3 – who announced the Kingdom of God and called people to repentance,
4 – who revealed his glory on the Mountain of Transfiguration,
5 – who instituted the Eucharist.

Dear Friends, we believe that with God’s help and with your help, worshippers of Virgin Mary, we will succeed in completing this project. We believe that we will gather enough of funds, enough open human hearts to allow us to build these five chapels. If anyone would like to help us we would be very grateful.
Everything in is the ’Marian Garden’ is a gift from you  - pilgrims upon this Earth. The size of a donation never matters; only important is how a person gives. Even the smallest amount of money given with love can be transformed into the most beautiful and precious gift.
Dear Friends, each crown is a GIFT and we are grateful for each crown. We believe that for each gift you will be given more of God’s mercy and God’s blessings.  God loves people whose hearts to love, beauty and the good. Of course, money is not the only concern, we are grateful for any help and prayer. Each creation must be supported by prayers and sacrifice. Therefore we first of all ask you for prayer, especially from those shouldering their own cross, those who suffer, and who are alone - all this you can offer God as sacrifice.
We would like to thank EVERYONE once again for all their gifts; we are sending out thanks to Zlín, Březolupy, Zlámanec, Brno, Prostějov, Konice, Uničov, Komárov, Otrokovice, Litovel, Kostelec na Hané, Napajedla, Pardubice… it is just not possible to name all the places. Therefore thank you again. Special thanks belong to our parishioners, i.e. believers from Jednov, Labutice, Seč, Lipová, Hrochov and Suchdol. Thank you for dozens of hours spent in the garden working, thank you for your patience and persistence. Let the Lord fill your heart with love and peace, let Him send you His blessing.
Mary! How beautiful is your name. How honorable. Let everyone celebrate you. Let the Sun in the blue sky, the heavenly stars, the rain and dew, night and day, bolts of lightning and clouds exalt your name. Let the mountains and hills, and everything that grows upon the Earth sing your praises. Let the seas, rivers and birds extol your virtue. Let everyone praise you for your beautiful heart and for being our Mother, our shelter, comforter and guiding star. Jednov is a place to meet with Christ in the sacrament of confession, in the Eucharist. Jednov is a place to meet with Mary. Jednov is the place where we gather and give honor to our Mother. This is Jednov… God is in our hearts - that is important. He comes to us as merciful Father, as resurrected Lord, and addresses each of us: ’Don’t be afraid, it is me your resurrected Lord.’ ‘Trust’.

To all worshippers of the Virgin Mary, benefactors of the ’Marian Garden’ allow me to extend you my blessing
                                                                                                               Father Jan Lisowski
Let the song Ave Maria always sound in our hearts.
Let You, Mary, be praised by whole world.
Everywhere I hear Your name, Maria.
The green fields, beautiful flowers and the hum of forests
- all this says to me that You are my Mother.
Mother, I am Your child, in miracles of light
I always see You.
How much I would like to meet you there in heaven…
For you has been woven a dress of lilies.
Blossoming meadows are Your carpet,
Your incense is the smell of resin
And the moon is Your throne,

Ave Maria….Ave Maria.
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